About Us

Your global partner for 45 years


About Sky Bird

Sky Bird Travel & Tours is the nation’s leading airline consolidator, connecting travel agents with the lowest net fares provided by our many airline partners. Established in 1976, we’re proud to have been your global partner for more than 45 years. We have offices all over the nation as well as international offices in Canada, India, and the Philippines so we are available wherever you need us.

We are here to make your experience as a travel agent easier and more profitable. When you register, you’ll discover the many advantages of using Sky Bird as your airline consolidator. See our benefits and services to learn how we can help you enhance your career.

Mission Statement

Sky Bird’s mission is to provide exceptional service and experience to its clients, vendors, and members of its organization.


Quality Policy

Customer Service is the reason for our success. Consistent with this focus,
we are committed to:

  • Learning and understanding the expectations of our stakeholders and meeting or exceeding those expectations at every juncture.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the states in which we operate.
  • Serving the needs of our travel colleagues, including airline, hotel, and car rental partners, and travelers and their agents in innovative ways.
  • Continually improving our quality management system.
  • Achieving the full involvement and contribution of all employees, individually
    and as teams.


Industry Memberships

Sky Bird has memberships in a variety of travel industry organizations including:
    As a member of the United States Air Consolidators Association, Sky Bird has over 40 years of delivering uninterrupted service to travel agents and a good history of helping them meet their financial and business needs.
  • ASTA
    Sky Bird is committed to helping travel agents both secure airfare and succeed in their career while following the American Society of Travel Advisors member’s strict code of ethics.
  • APTA
    Our Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa membership keeps our knowledge of African travel up to date. We take great pride in our expertise of tourism to this fascinating continent.
APTA-sm - CA
    As members of the International Association of Travel Agents Network, we work to uphold the integrity of the travel industry and serve as a vital source of information and connections.