Celebrating 45 Years in Travel

Honoring Our Past

In 1976, the Founder and Chairman, Arvin Shah, opened the first Sky Bird Travel & Tours office in Downtown Detroit’s Booking Building. From the beginning, Sky Bird’s mission was rooted in taking care of the customer. As the airline consolidator grew to incorporate innovative technology, expand services, and open more offices, outstanding customer service remained constant.

The last 45 years of success were not earned without historic industry challenges such as the Gulf Wars in 1991, the tragedy of 9/11, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, Sky Bird’s dedicated team and supporting airline partners continued to maintain Sky Bird’s mission to always take care of the customer. This relentless commitment is what gives Sky Bird Travel & Tours the privilege of celebrating 45 years in the travel industry and looking forward to many more.

Sky Bird Travel & Tours is celebrating their 45th Anniversary in travel.

Thank You to Our Team and Our Partners

We are honored to have been your global partner throughout these decades, and we look forward to working with you in the decades to come.

In my 22 years of service with Sky Bird, I have seen a tremendous growth under the leadership of Mr. Shah. While so many consolidators either closed their doors or got sold, Sky Bird persisted to be there for its customers. Even today during this pandemic, the growth is on. The sky is the limit for this company. CONGRATULATIONS!

The travel industry has changed often through events like 9/11 and the Covid pandemic. We’ve seen a strong return to personal service vs the impersonal online, self-serve trend that started several years ago. We were there for our customers in contrast to the online providers who posted wait times of more than 24 hours. While we were taking care of our customer’s immediate needs, we were also offering travel products such as travel insurance, which is so important right now. We prioritized giving the agents and their clients peace of mind when traveling. That is why we have been in business for 45 years.

I would like to congratulate you and the entire Sky Bird Travel Team on your 45th Anniversary. The 45th anniversary is known as the sapphire anniversary. The classic version of sapphire is a deep, rich blue—like the color of the sea or our planet earth seen from above. On this blissful 45th Anniversary, may you continue Sky Bird Travel & Tours' journey of success with pride and excitement in our beautiful deep, rich, blue world!!

Working for Sky Bird has been one of my greatest joys in life and it has been pleasure for me to work as an employee under your esteemed guidance. Happy 45th Anniversary! May we keep shining and glamming brighter than the past year.

As the head of marketing for Sky Bird Group, I'm most proud of my role because it allows me to collaborate with different departments and teams. We work towards the same goal to fulfill our mission of providing exceptional service and experiences to our partners. I’m honored to be a part of Sky Bird Travel's history in celebrating 45 years and working under the leadership of our Chairman & CEO Mr. Arvin Shah. He is a visionary leader and his foresight to change with the times, adapting, and investing in new technology has positioned Sky Bird to what we have achieved today in the travel industry.

All these years were successful because of your wisdom and contributions. You are one of the essential parts of our company. Wishing you a happy 45th anniversary!

Sky Bird has always been a consistent partner that experienced agents can rely on for great service. However, the travel agency community demographic has changed. There are now more “2nd career” agents and the work Sky Bird Travel has done in creating MyWingsBooking.com has made it easier for new agents to hit the ground running. We’ve put everything in one place so they can quote, sell, and create invoices for any travel product, not just airline tickets.

It has been a real pleasure working with Sky Bird. All the management and my colleagues have been like family, making working at Sky Bird feel like home. They have always been accommodating to our needs and giving us space to work how we want. I wish Sky Bird many more years of success. Congratulations to Sky Bird on the 45th anniversary!

After working for 13 years in this company, I can honestly say this is the most rewarding, growing company I have ever worked for. Happy 45th anniversary to the #1 company. I am looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries.

In the time I have worked here, the company has grown beyond my expectations and continues to serve its customers kindly and with respect. Sky Bird is also compassionate and understanding to its employees, and I am grateful to work for such a wonderful company.

Mr. Shah you are fondly regarded as an ‘Industry Leader and Pioneer.’ The competition respects and envies your position in the business. Sky Bird Travel continues to firmly hold its ground as a top rated airline consolidator, steaming ahead successfully for 45 Years (and counting) thanks to your strong and insightful leadership. It’s my privilege and honor (for close to 20 years) to be part of the Sky Bird family and to grow along with this wonderful organization. May you continue to guide us to greater heights of success, with God’s grace! 2021 is indeed a milestone year in the history of the company. Together we all celebrate Sky Bird’s 45th Anniversary. So, Mr. Shah, HEARTIEST CONGRATS AND A BIG THANK YOU!

I have been in the travel industry business for a good amount of time, it has helped me learn that establishing a good relationship and TRUST with our travel partners is one of the keys. At Sky Bird Travel, we are not just an ordinary company that they do business with, but rather a FAMILY that they can depend on and TRUST. I’m excited to be a part of such a company that is celebrating 45 years in travel.

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