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Described as a “raw country” and “untouched by tourism,” Bangladesh is paradise for those who list “culture” as their favorite thing about traveling. A visit to Old Town Dhaka places travelers right in the mix of the capital city’s colorful energy. Waterways that slither through all of Bangladesh make boating a common mode of transportation, and taking a ride with a local fisherman offers a perspective you won’t get from a guidebook. Home to the world’s longest sea beach, Bangladesh’s coastline is a can’t-miss. Visitors have the chance to revel in being one of the only tourists in Bangladesh, fulfilling the ultimate off-the-beaten-path experience. While it’s not crowded by tourists, it’s packed with locals who great you with smiles and kindness.



The beautiful, richly historical city of Johannesburg is home to exceptional restaurants, fascinating museums, and parks dedicated to preserving South Africa’s magnificent wildlife (Lion Park and Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park). It’s a haven for socialites who will thrive in the energetic night scene, and fashionistas will be right at home seeing as Joburg is the capital of South Africa. The Apartheid Museum offers an unparalleled look at Johannesburg’s history and culture, leaving all who visit moved and without regrets. When all that sightseeing tires you out, settle down for a pint of the Best Beer in Africa at Mad Giant Brewery. Cheers to your travels!


Cape Town

It’s hard to know where to start in the vibrant Mother City of South Africa, but the summit of Table Mountain offers panoramic views to the beauty below. The photogenic city is populated with a variety of restaurants serving the best local dishes ever tasted, stunning beaches, hotels, and plenty of hiking trails throughout its lush green forests. The northeastern region of Cape Town is known as the Cape Winelands where wine-lovers and foodies alike will taste the magic that the area’s climate and soil variations bring to a glass.


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