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Travel agents have more airfare options and access to special deals thanks to Sky Bird’s partnership with over 90 airlines


Get more route options, deals on airfare, and access to exclusive airline specials
Put yourself at the top of clients’ list by getting them a great deal on airfare
Get tickets below published price and earn your best commission by setting your own markups for clients

Why airfare with us is an advantage

We’ve spent the last 40+ years forging relationships with our partners so you have more airfare and airline options when booking clients’ flights. This is how we put you in control of the itinerary, rather than you having to mold it around airline schedules.

Our newly updated booking engine WINGS gives you 24/7 access to international net fares that are lower than rates found online. Airfare this low lets you make your clients happy by securing the lowest prices on airline tickets, so they’ll always go to you every time they plan a vacation.

We let you set your markup so you can reach your full earning potential when purchasing and selling airfare.



How do net fares give me an advantage?

Net fares are cheaper than the published fares available online, so you can purchase tickets at a lower price and have plenty of room to decide your own markup.

What does it cost to access these fares?
Registration is free! Sign up by completing the form on our website.

When do I get paid for my bookings?
Commission payments are processed weekly. You can receive your commissions faster by signing up for electronic funds transfer.


We don't believe in hidden fees which means the price you see, is the price you get